Frequently Asked Questions

How can a well-landscaped home help to sell my home?

Short answer is that a well-landscaped home is more desirable than a blank slate or worse, an unmanicured landscape. I've been down this road many times with a banker and a real estate agent and they won't say that it will add financial value to the home in a re-sell situation. They have a hard time putting a price on landscaping because every landscape is so diverse, each one unique in itself. So on their end, its difficult to consider a financial value to each home. What the homeowner may like and have spent money on to provide a well-maintained landscape, the buyer may see it as a nuisance or more work to do. So you have the ups and downs of each side which again makes it very difficult to put a price on a well-landscaped home. My personal and professional opinion is that even if you can't put a price on a well-landscaped home you sure can count on energy savings, lower maintenance costs, and providing habitat for birds/animals. A well-landscaped home will incorporate trees which will provide shade on the house and keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Your home won't have to work as hard to keep things on a comfortable level. A well-landscaped home will also incorporate ground covers which will lower maintenance costs on the landscaping. It will also provide the house with protection from bad weather preventing any damage from mother nature. Lastly but most importantly is that a well-landscape home will provide habitat for animals and birds as well as provide oxygen and decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We all must do our part to give back to our world and provide a healthy plant for future generations. In conclusion, I believe a well-landscaped home will provide many benefits not only to your home but to the environment. You may not be able to put a price on it but the benefits far out weigh a possible finical increase in a re-sell situation.

How do plants and trees help?

Plants and trees help tremendously but soaking up water preventing foundation issues. They also provide a habitat for animals and bird. They can also prevent damage done by weather. They will cast shade on the house and help lower energy costs to the home.

How is a lawn helpful to the environment?

A lawn is a vital part of the landscape. Turf is essentially an erosion control method preventing soils from washing into our streams and backing up our ecosystem. Turf will also absorb the rays from the sun preventing the "black top affect" where the rays are reflected and heat is created. Turf keeps you cool! Also many bugs and insects, which is a vital part of our ecosystem, live in the soils and turf provides them a habitat and food. Bugs are so essential to preventing diseases and various other issues around the world. Nature has its checks and balances and bugs are so essential to this.

How much will it cost me to hire your company?

Here at CHLS, every project is unique to its surroundings and we try to consider what is best for you, the customer, and what will fit in the natural surroundings as well as be environmentally friendly. A lot of factors go into play when you hire us. We truly believe in being a cost effective business so that every type of client/lifestyle will and can be accommodated at any budget.

When and how should my shrubs be pruned?

Shrubs should always be pruned based off of flower seasons (prune after flowering) OR to prevent possible damage to them. I like to say some shrubs are naughty in the fact that they just want to grow and grow and grow until it causes damage to its self. So some shrubs may need to be pruned multiple times a year to prevent this type of growth. We like to try and do a fall pruning on shrubs and trees like this before winter due to ice and snow.

How about mulching annuals or perennials?

Mulch is crucial for the landscape plants. It will hold moisture so it is readily available during dry times. It will also break down and provide elements for the plants to continually keep growing. I would highly recommend mulching every year or every other year. If you are considering doing a gravel or stone flower bed I would highly recommend amending on site soils with mushroom. Because you won't get the elements from the break down the mulch it is crucial that you provide a life time of elements in the soil before covering it up with fabric and stone. This is a normal practice when you hire CHLS.

Do you provide designs and estimates?

We can provide all levels of designs from a basic 2D non color design up to a virtual 3D tour walk around. The typical design is a colored 2D design which will come at a minimal cost of the project. Once a design is established then a free estimate will be provided with as many details as possible.

If you design my landscape, how will I maintain and care for it?

CHLS also provides clients with a maintenance schedule and a list of plants in the design. You the client could very easily take over the maintenance part of it. We also do provide maintenance contracts because we understand you are very busy and you can let it up to us to take care of all your landscape needs.

What is the warranty on installations?

Our warranty is very clearly stated in our contracts but for newly installed landscapes you will be provided with a one year guarantee. If any plants didn't survive they will be replaced at no charge to the client if they notify CHLS within a timely manner. Some plants maybe able to be saved by simply watering more or less. CHLS cannot replace any plants free of charge is damage was done during a storm or clients lack of attention. There is a small fee for replacing larger trees due to complexity of removal and re-installation. Our hardscapes are guaranteed for 3 years and a life time on the products.

What can I expect to spend landscaping my entire property?

If you're a new homeowner with a blank slate then I would recommend hiring us to provide you with a design of what your dreams and wishes are for your home. We also consider ADA compliant landscapes because we all have older family members who may need to visit or you yourself may need easy access to your home and or entertainment space. Focus on the design aspect and don't sell yourself short. CHLS can install parts of the landscape in phases over time but having a design with all your wants and needs is essential in how we can build things to create a seamless flow through the landscape. I would expect that you could install a simple, maintenance free landscape, back patio, front side walk for around thirty thousand dollars more or less.