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At Cook’s Horticulture & Landscape Services, we offer a full suite of landscaping services, including flower bed installation, conceptual design, and theme selection. We handle everything from laying mulch and topsoil to landscape lighting installation and irrigation systems, ensuring a seamless process and stunning results for your outdoor space. We provide services to Susquehanna Valley areas, including Winfield, Lewisburg, and Selinsgrove, PA.

The beauty of backyard landscaping with an expert landscaping company

Our backyard landscaping is more than just arranging plants; it's about crafting an outdoor sanctuary for your lifestyle. Every element plays a crucial role, from selecting the right materials to optimizing layout and functionality. Whether choosing sod for lush green spaces, tranquil water features, cozy fire pits, or stylish hardscapes, the possibilities for your backyard landscaping are endless when you hire Cook’s Horticulture & Landscape Services.

Softscapes and plant selection for your backyard design

With a keen understanding of local climate conditions and soil types, we carefully curate a diverse selection of plants that thrive in The Susquehanna Valley. From vibrant perennials to majestic trees, our expert team designs your landscape to harmonize with the natural surroundings, creating a picturesque outdoor haven that reflects the charm of the Keystone State.

Harnessing horticultural knowledge

At Cook’s Horticulture & Landscape Services, our horticulture background is the foundation for creating landscapes that stand the test of time. Our team combines scientific knowledge with artistic flair to design landscapes that can flourish year after year.

Strategically placed landscape lighting

Strategically placed landscape lighting, such as pathway lights and accent lighting on shrubs and trees, adds practicality and beauty to your outdoor space. With our creative approach, we transform your outdoor environment into a stunning nighttime retreat, enhancing the ambiance and extending the usability of your yard well into the evening.

New landscape with groomed bushes and trees

Landscape design doesn’t stop with plants

Landscape design encompasses more than just plants; it's a holistic approach. At Cook’s Horticulture & Landscape Services, take into consideration every aspect of your outdoor space. We go beyond traditional landscaping and incorporate essential elements like irrigation systems, landscape lighting, and functional hardscapes that seamlessly pair with your greenery.

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