Retaining Walls in Selinsgrove & Danville, PA and surrounding areas of Snyder County, PA

When you hire Cook's Horticulture & Landscape Services (CHLS) to install a Segmental Retaining Wall, you can rest easy that you are getting a great end result for a reasonable price and feel confident that the work is done by educated and experienced professionals that are going above and beyond industry standards. CHLS is run by owner Matthew Cook who has a 4 year degree in Ornamental Horticulture/Landscape contracting and management from Delaware Valley University. This degree has helped shape CHLS into the company it is today and prides itself on its continued education as a backbone for its quality work. CHLS spends countless hours going to seminars to keep up with National Concrete Masonry Assocation (NCMA) standards and trending fashions. When CHLS is contacted about a possible Retaining Wall project, it is usually out of necessity due to poor grade conditions. CHLS can transform the existing unusable grade into usable space with an aesthetically pleasing retaining wall. The ideas can be endless and you, the client, could end up with an entirely new space when you decide to hire CHLS.